January – “How to Build and Maintain a Simple Website and Blog” by Author Mica Rossi. If you can open a browser, use a mouse and keyboard, and surf the web, you can design your own website and blog. For a few dollars a month, you can have professional-looking sites for customers and fans to find and connect with you. Author Mica Rossi will take you step-by-step through the often bewildering landscape of website creation and maintenance and also show you how to build and use a simple blog.

February – “Twenty-Two Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller” by TBA. Anyone can tell a story. Everyday you hear “You’re not gonna believe this.” Or maybe it’s the standard joke of “A guy goes into a bar one day…” But, anyone can tell those kinds of stories. Come learn what it takes to move your writing to the next level. Be a master at storytelling.

March – “Ways to Save A Novel” by Author C. Deanne Rowe. Ideas for trouble-shooting your WIP. They may challenge, inspire, provoke – and occasionally to tickle or annoy you but you may find a few ideas to get you through the challenges you face in writing your novel.

April – “How to Make Your Good Plot Even Better!” by TBA. Come learn how to take a great idea for a story and turn it into a powerful piece of fiction or nonfiction from initial concept to final revision with hints to help you through writer’s block.

May – “How to Build Believable Characters” by Author Maggie Rivers. How do you build characters who never lived but who will never die? Characters like Scarlett O’Hara (Gone With the Wind) or Scout Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird). Come find out how to know your characters as though you’d grown up with them.

June – “But That’s My Voice!” by TBA. Bad grammar and incomplete sentences are not voice. Come learn how to develop your own writing voice and how to create powerful character voices in your fiction.

July – “Mastering Craft” by TBA. Come learn what it takes to master the craft of building the type of successful novel that appears on the best-seller lists.

August – “Making A Scene” by TBA. Learn the fundamentals of developing various types of scenes that are distinct and layered. Create final scenes your readers don’t forget.

September – “The Law for Writers” by TBA. Before you sign on the dotted line … come find out what you need to know.

October – “Writing Deeper Scenes” by TBA. Come find out how to write deeply layered, strong, engaging scenes. The kind that make for page-turning plots.

November – “Writing Your Own Life Story” by Author Maggie Rivers. Leave your family history for the next generation. When the older generation dies off, they sometimes take with them the story of family. Memories of how things were can be a precious treasure for those left behind. Come learn how to get your own life story written.

December – Awards Banquet (not open to the public)