Here you’ll find a current listing of our 2018 members in good standing.  If you are a current member of IWC, you’ll want to visit our Members Only section to hear recordings of all of our programs plus some extra tidbits.


Sage Beldame is a lady of a certain age. She loves to tell stories, especially about the fairies and dragons and other folk of the forest. Her house is a little rough cottage in the middle of a great forest although she lived in Scotland when she was younger. Now she lives nowhere yet everywhere, in that space between all worlds. Her favorite stories though are about “a wee lad and a wee lassie a’the love between them that lights the world.”


Mary Freeman Boardman writes inspirational stories. She is a Vietnam Veteran. Growing up in the South, she loves rain on a tin roof, cotton in the field, and the sweet smells of a Southern night.  She writes with her brother and you can find their book, And Then There Was One, at your local bookstore or through Amazon.  Other books include:  And Once Upon A Time and Whole Again.


Hello, I’m Mary Bolin. While poetry was not on my radar, as a first-time entrant, my children’s poem, “Mr. Bug”, was selected by Iowa Poetry Association to be published in Lyrical Iowa 2018. I was raised on a small, Iowa farm with an appreciation for simple pleasures. With a supportive husband, I’m stretching my creativity beyond a degree in interior design and award-winning kiddie parade floats to write stories of my own. Inspired by European medieval history, tales of Robin Hood, and Halloween tingling’s, I am working on my first novels: a sizzling, medieval romance set in 1163 England and a contemporary, teen witch, magic-gone-awry spellbinder. Future plans include crafting a child-favorite storybook and a memoir regaling childhood tales from the farm.

Pat Brown returns to writing after a hiatus of running for local political office and advancing her husband’s career and taking care of her family. She says the writing group has been so supportive.




Hello I am Amara Clay, hot and spicy with a touch of sweetness and a whole lot of chocolate is the name of my game. For fun and adventure please come and visit me and all my friends here at The Iowa Writer’s Corner.




Jamie Lee Coulter is an award-winning author who was born and raised in the deep South developing her writing career at an early age by making squiggles on paper before she knew how to write.  She writes true stories of courageous women’s battles with life.  Her book, The Other Side of Hell, is one of those stories.


Darrel Day has over 18 published books to his credit. He grew up in the backwoods of British Columbia, Canada, and began writing at 12 years old, and published his first novel at 41. His inspiration and descriptive ability stems from his brother being blind. Darrel became his brother’s eyes and learned to share in deep detail what the world looked like. An Air Force Veteran, Darrel is what we in the writing community call a pantser. He sits down and writes while the story unfolds before him. He doesn’t know what’s going to happen in a story until it happens. When he is not writing, Darrel loves family time and anything outdoors.

H. Nelson Freeman is a Vietnam Veteran. He is a retired Police Sergeant with thirty years of experience in the police intelligence field, and held a court certified record as a polygraph examiner, fingerprint expert, and handwriting examiner. Nelson served on five ships during his naval service and retired as a Master Sergeant from the Iowa National Guard. His first book, Mission: East Solomons, was published in 2014.


Born in Iowa, Birdie Hawks and her husband live on an acreage with 6 dogs. They have two sons, are grandparents and great grandparents. Birdie is retired from the Iowa Army National Guard. Both she and her husband write novels. Her first novel, No Regrets, No Doubts, was published in 2014. She spent 24 years in the National Guard, 18 years as a federal employee, and even (volunteered) as an Urbandale Police Reservist.

Corinne Herron is working on her first novel and has written a children’s story, yet unpublished. She has a mountain of short stories, poetry and Flash pieces piling up, but as of yet has not been able to do anything with them.



P. J. Hick writes mystery novels. Her first book, Visions, was published in 2014. She is a country girl at heart and enjoys riding horses. A University of Iowa graduate, she holds a teaching degree in Art. Her writing goal is to publish a book every two to three years and her favorite books to read are mysteries.



Sarah Jury is a newer member and she’s just beginning her writing career with us.




H. Prescott Lemon is our newest member. Prescott writes modern fantasy. More information will be forthcoming.


Hello, I’m Victoria Masterson. My first book, Left of the Left Bank was published in 2015. Hope you enjoy it!


Dennis Maulsby is a retired bank president living in Ames, Iowa with his wife Ruth, a retired legal secretary and his dog Charlie, a retired CIA operative. His poetry and short stories have appeared in Lyrical Iowa, The North American Review, Haiku JournalSpillway, The Hawai’i Pacific Review, The Briarcliff Review, and numerous other journals.  As of spring 2017, seventy of his poems have been individually published, forty percent of which have won awards, ranging from honorable mentions to first places. Out of twelve short stories published five have won awards.  Dennis says “I write because I need the therapy. Struggling against memories of war is the fate of all soldiers returned from killing places. … For you veterans, try the creative act, whatever that might be for you. It is the most powerful therapy I have discovered.”

Leeza McBride writes humorous mystery/suspense.  Her motto is “Every wife should be able to bury at least one husband without penalty.”  For a hilarious romp on the way to a murder be sure to pick up one of Leeza’s books.



Myla J. Moore.  Myla lives in central Iowa and has been married for over 25 years. She began writing her 1st book, Sweet Thing, in 2015 and has been going strong since. She writes naughty romance where the bedroom doors tends to stay wide open. She loves reading easy storylines and fast reads. She is a sucker for a storyline series where several characters get their own books.


I’m Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers and I’ve been writing since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I write erotic romance under my own name and I also write as one of “The Stiletto Girls.” An Air Force Veteran (Vietnam), I worked in the music industry in Nashville, Tennessee for a short time; then went into the legal field for over 40 years. I play a few musical instruments: piano, hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, zills, doumbec and a few other weird things. I grew up in the countryside of Alabama (Roll Tide, Roll!), have a collection of all things stiletto, and I have the little Diva of Doggies, Mouse who sleeps in her little pink doggie bed underneath my desk as I write.

Emma Robuck is married to the love of her life, Harold and they have three cats, Mingin, Barnes and Noble. She is a nurse and a dreamer and loves to write a happily ever after. Her first book is entitled Recipe for a Happy Kitchen.


Mica Rossi was born in New York state, the oldest of three children. Her first story was a stapled-together book of penmanship paper entitled “The Snow Day.” It was ‘published’ in her 2nd grade classroom by her teacher and illustrated entirely in blue crayon. Since that time, she has written three novels and countless short stories, most of which have not been published. Once in a Blue Moon, published in May of 2014, was her first full-length novel.

Hi. I’m C. Deanne Rowe. I am a contemporary romance author who was born in the South so I love writing about small southern towns like in my Valley Series and Cowboy Temptation Series. I also write steamier romances in the Stiletto Series as one of The Stiletto Girls. I’m having a lot of fun telling my stories. I love poodles and Cheez Its. I belonged to a business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, in college at Oklahoma State University. I know what to do with natural gas!!


Emmalee Saunders is a woman who loves pleasure, all kinds of pleasure. She seeks it out, whether it is shoes or a gorgeous purse or a beautiful hunk of male flesh that she can make hers for the moment. She has a home in Scotland, a little cottage on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Her caretaker tends to the Hiland cows, the garden and the house and when EmmaLee is home, she is his only focus and he is hers. She writes what she knows and she knows pleasure, in all shapes and forms. But don’t tell Angus, he gets pouty when he gets jealous.

A. Dzintra Stein has written for corporations, industry magazines for 30 nonprofit organizations, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, West Des Moines History book, annual reports and interviews for the Better Business Bureau and numerous business publications. A.D. wrote her first piece of fiction at age six when she described and illustrated a parade in Greenville MS, which she had never seen. Historical fiction is her obsession often sprinkled with real people in her life and imaginary ones too. She has published short stories in literary journals and anthologies. She is working on her first novel tentatively titled “Red Mustang.” One of her goals is to hike all the national parks in America, 38 completed, 15 left on the bucket list.

E.J. Whitmer is a young-ish Iowa native who spends her days working in marketing and design. After spending hundreds of evenings reading and dreaming of her own fictional characters, she decided to put them in writing. When she is not working or writing she likes to spend her free time cooking, crafting, attending sports events, harassing her outrageously good-looking husband, or playing with her cat, Capone,and Boston Terrier, Rowdie. Her first book, Power Surge, is available on Amazon as are all the others she’s completed since then.


Kathryn Wood grew up in a small town in southern Iowa. She taught second grade and declares it is the very best grade to teach. She also spent several years working in doctors’ offices and subsequently solving problems on the phone with concerned mothers, listening to their worried questions and providing answers such as, “No, you don’t put the suppository in your little boy’s cereal.”  After nearly 25 years of employment with an insurance company in Des Moines, Iowa, she retired and says she has much more she wants to learn and do. One of those things was writing her first book, An Unbroken Promise.



Over the years, the Iowa Writers’ Corner has had to say good-bye to treasured members.  We’d like to honor their memory by presenting them here.

Bob W. Dunbar (Oct 11, 1949-Mar 4, 2018), a Vietnam Veteran, is the author of two historical novels. The first, The Holy Sabbath Morning: a Novel of the Alamo, tells the story of the famous battle from the points of view of participants on both sides. The later one, To Fame’s Proud Cliff, deals with the relationship between two of the most remarkable men in American History: Sam Houston and Andrew Jackson. (Proceeds from the sale of Bob’s books now go into a fund for his two grandsons’ college education)  Bob was editing a contemporary novel called “Between the Winds: the Odyssey of the Walkin’ Dude” at the time of his death. Bob was loved by all who knew him and will forever be missed by our group. Walk on “Walkin’ Dude” walk on!

Linda Young (Jun 3, 1954 – Mar 16, 2012) loved her home, her cat Micah, the St. Louis Cardinals, and riding her motorcycle.  She was an avid reader, an expert quilter, and cribbage player.  While Linda was not yet published, she was working diligently toward that goal.  Her smile and her laughter will be missed greatly.