Here you'll find a current listing of our current members in good standing.  If you are a current member of IWC, you'll want to visit our Members Only section to hear recordings of all of our programs plus some extra tidbits.

Mary Freeman Boardman writes inspirational stories. She is a Vietnam Veteran. Growing up in the South, she loves rain on a tin roof, cotton in the field, and the sweet smells of a Southern night.  She writes with her brother and you can find their book, And Then There Was One, at your local bookstore or through Amazon.  Other books include:  And Once Upon A Time and Whole Again.

Hello I am Amara Clay, hot and spicy with a touch of sweetness and a whole lot of chocolate is the name of my game. For fun and adventure please come and visit me and all my friends here at The Iowa Writer’s Corner.


Jamie Lee Coulter is an award-winning author who was born and raised in the deep South developing her writing career at an early age by making squiggles on paper before she knew how to write.  She writes true stories of courageous women's battles with life.  Her book, The Other Side of Hell, is one of those stories.

Darrel Day has over 18 published books to his credit. He grew up in the backwoods of British Columbia, Canada, and began writing at 12 years old, and published his first novel at 41. His inspiration and descriptive ability stems from his brother being blind. Darrel became his brother’s eyes and learned to share in deep detail what the world looked like. An Air Force Veteran, Darrel is what we in the writing community call a pantser. He sits down and writes while the story unfolds before him. He doesn't know what’s going to happen in a story until it happens. When he is not writing, Darrel loves family time and anything outdoors.

H. Nelson Freeman is a Vietnam Veteran. He is a retired Police Sergeant with thirty years of experience in the police intelligence field, and held a court certified record as a polygraph examiner, fingerprint expert, and handwriting examiner. Nelson served on five ships during his naval service and retired as a Master Sergeant from the Iowa National Guard. His first book, Mission: East Solomons, was published in 2014.

Leeza McBride writes humorous mystery/suspense.  Her motto is “Every wife should be able to bury at least one husband without penalty.”  For a hilarious romp on the way to a murder be sure to pick up one of Leeza’s books.


I'm Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers and I’ve been writing since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I write erotic romance under my own name and I also write as one of "The Stiletto Girls." An Air Force Veteran (Vietnam), I worked in the music industry in Nashville, Tennessee for a short time; then went into the legal field for over 40 years. I play a few musical instruments: piano, hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, zills, doumbec and a few other weird things. I grew up in the countryside of Alabama (Roll Tide, Roll!), have a collection of all things stiletto, and I have the little Diva of Doggies, Mouse who sleeps in her little pink doggie bed underneath my desk as I write.

Emma Robuck is married to the love of her life, Harold and they have three cats, Mingin, Barnes and Noble. She is a nurse and a dreamer and loves to write a happily ever after. Her first book is entitled Recipe for a Happy Kitchen.

Hi. I’m C. Deanne Rowe. I am a contemporary romance author who was born in the South so I love writing about small southern towns like in my Valley Series and Cowboy Temptation Series. I also write steamier romances in the Stiletto Series as one of The Stiletto Girls. I’m having a lot of fun telling my stories. I love poodles and Cheez Its. I belonged to a business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, in college at Oklahoma State University. I know what to do with natural gas!!

Emmalee Saunders is a woman who loves pleasure, all kinds of pleasure. She seeks it out, whether it is shoes or a gorgeous purse or a beautiful hunk of male flesh that she can make hers for the moment. She has a home in Scotland, a little cottage on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Her caretaker tends to the Hiland cows, the garden and the house and when EmmaLee is home, she is his only focus and he is hers. She writes what she knows and she knows pleasure, in all shapes and forms. But don't tell Angus, he gets pouty when he gets jealous. Triple Treat is her first book in the Cougars Galore series.

The Stiletto Girls. Sitting on the deck of Glenna’s antebellum home on a lake in Tupelo, Mississippi, Glenna West, C. Deanne Rowe and Magnolia "Maggie" Rivers became known as the “The Stiletto Girls” while wearing stilettos to get into the romance writing mode. When three writers get together with lap-tops, books and enough good ol’ Southern food to supply an army, fun things happen. Like the streaker who passed by in the motor boat, or the lady across the way who tried to step from her pontoon boat onto the dock and missed. Or having to rescue a couple guys who were in the middle of the lake and couldn’t get their boat started (and didn’t think to include oars on their boat for emergencies). All events are fair game to find their way into The Stiletto Girls’ books! With Glenna in Tupelo, MS and Deanne and Maggie in Des Moines, IA, they have since spent many hours on the phone plotting in stilettos and dreaming up just the perfect stories for you, their many fans.


Over the years, the Iowa Writers' Corner has had to say good-bye to treasured members.  We'd like to honor their memory by presenting them here.

Francesca Hawley (Oct 20, 1962 - May 26, 2019) Francesca Hawley was a long-time member of Iowa Writers Corner, a multi-published author, founding member of Naughty Literati, and a librarian. In her own words: "Hi. I’m Francesca Hawley and I’m a fat chick. A woman with dangerous curves just like my heroines." Francesca was a very caring individual who loved her cats. She brightened the lives of so many people. You will be missed, dear friend. You left us too soon!

Bob W. Dunbar (Oct 11, 1949-Mar 4, 2018), a Vietnam Veteran, is the author of two historical novels. The first, The Holy Sabbath Morning: a Novel of the Alamo, tells the story of the famous battle from the points of view of participants on both sides. The later one, To Fame’s Proud Cliff, deals with the relationship between two of the most remarkable men in American History: Sam Houston and Andrew Jackson. (Proceeds from the sale of Bob's books now go into a fund for his two grandsons' college education)  Bob was editing a contemporary novel called “Between the Winds: the Odyssey of the Walkin’ Dude" at the time of his death. Bob was loved by all who knew him and will forever be missed by our group. Walk on "Walkin' Dude" walk on!

Linda Young (Jun 3, 1954 - Mar 16, 2012) loved her home, her cat Micah, the St. Louis Cardinals, and riding her motorcycle.  She was an avid reader, an expert quilter, and cribbage player.  While Linda was not yet published, she was working diligently toward that goal.  Her smile and her laughter will be missed greatly.