Some members of IWC had fun writing together. Be sure to check out our books.

Gossip flies in a small Iowa town when Mulligan, the town mutt, is seen laying in the middle of Main Street chewing on a human bone. Lies are told, secrets revealed and scandal runs amock.

From Gertie Mae with her daddy’s trusty Colt .45 tucked away in her purse to the skinny dipping ladies at the lake, everyone has something to hide.

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Tis the season, and twelve talented writers have gathered ’round the tree to keep you entertained with twelve brand-new Christmas tales.  Inside you’ll find:  romance (for nothing is as romantic as the holidays);  detectives straight out of film noir;  ethnic traditions from times immemorial;  the mysterious ways of a grandmother’s love;  and a sweet story about a life well-lived and the rewards that come.

It’s our present to you, Gift Wrapped with heartfelt wishes for a joyous yuletide. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and settle in.

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